Frequently Asked Questions


INTRA is a South African based developer and publisher of occupational health and safety training material.

INTRA equips those who wish to do their own health and safety training with legal-compliance training materials.

The team at INTRA believe that health and safety training must be “risk-specific” and not generic.

INTRA equips trainers to do their own training, while training companies train employees.

INTRA is a 50/50 BEE level 4 partnership between Ken Annandale and Penny Jones.

It is not an INTRA requirement, however we urge you to acquire the skills to present training. This could be in the form of an ETDP Facilitator course.

INTRA have a 2 day “trainer orientation” programme which we present quarterly as a public programme or in-house by arrangement.

Contact us via Skype, Zoom, WhatsApp and FaceBook chat. It’s up to you. You tell us what works for you.

There is a long list of clients on our website. We have over 500 users in Southern Africa and beyond.

INTRA do not do training in opposition to our AFFILIATE Licensees, but rather focus on equipping AFFILIATE Licensees who do the training.

INTRA does not run conventional training programmes. Our mission is to equip AFFILIATE Licensees to do health and safety training for themselves

The original training company started about 25 years ago. We founded the training material development and publishing company more than 10 years ago.

SETA only accredits training providers, not trainers or course developers.

There is no provision in the NQF system for the accreditation of course material developers.

Our ethical values dictate that we never “cut and paste”. This is very easy to verify by searching online for whole phrases. It’s just not worth our reputation by following this illegal practice.

INTRA have a small dedicated team of subject matter specialists who develop and verify our material.

INTRA’s user-friendly training material is Saiosh CPD accredited as there is no provision in the NQF Act for the registration, verification or accreditation of training material or developers.

Saiosh is the South African institute of Occupational Safety and Health, one of the biggest SAQA registered professional bodies in South Africa.

There is no provision in the NQF Act for the accreditation of the training material or developers. INTRA training material is, however, fully Saiosh CPD accredited.

We develop well researched “content-rich” training material in a fully customizable format, which we then provide to our clients and encourage and orientate them to adapt it to address their specific risks.

INTRA was previously a training company and on request started making our training material available to trainers some 15 years ago.

Generic “one-size-fits-all” training covers the basics, but not the specifics. “Off-the-shelf” courses are not designed to address the individual’s specific “risk-profile”.

Each workplace has its own unique “risk-profile” which requires employees to be “informed, instructed and trained” in the management of those specific risks.

AFFILIATE Obligations

AFFILIATE Licensees are entitled to issue a “certificate of attendance”, “participation” or “legal-compliance”. They are not entitled to issue a “certificate of competency” in terms of the NQF Act.

The Consumer Protection Act requires that all providers supply the very best product and services and that they always advise their clients of legal and best practices.

Accreditation has become a trend amongst some employers to enable them to recoup some of their Skills Levy. INTRA assists AFFILIATE Licensees to become accredited via the services of an independent SETA/QCTO Accreditation specialist, if requested. The cost of accreditation is not covered by INTRA.

Membership of this professional body is highly recommended. Saiosh has a process by which AFFILIATE Licensees can apply for accreditation as Corporate Members. INTRA provides support to AFFILIATE Licensees wanting to apply for Saiosh accreditation.

Other than for first aid and driven machinery regulation operator training, Department of Employment and Labour approval is not required.

Part of the essential customization includes relevant material, practical exercises, up-to-date forms and documentation and risk-specific examples.

In terms of the Consumer Protection Act, all AFFILIATE Licensees are encouraged to adapt the training material to address the risk-specific needs of both their clients and employees.


AFFILIATE Licensees are required to use the INTRA logo and branding without modification in their marketing, on their website and training material.

INTRA grant the right to reproduce an unlimited number of learner guides for the exclusive training of learners. This right extends to the use of the INTRA brand in unrestricted markets.

As publishers of occupational health and safety training material, INTRA is not in the position to indemnify users or learners from any claims stemming from the use of the training material by AFFILIATE Licensees or users.

Yes you may, however this will not affect the INTRA copyright in any manner.

The INTRA logo and copyright may not be removed from any of our publications and must always be displayed.

No. This is the exclusive right of INTRA.

No. This is the exclusive right of INTRA.

No. The sale of learner guides as a publication is the exclusive right of INTRA.

If the e-learning is for in-house learners you may create online training; however, this requires exclusive written permission from INTRA. AFFILIATE Licensees may under no circumstances sell e-learning, based on the INTRA course material, on the open market.

Fees & Payment

Payment of the AFFILIATE monthly licence fee results in the AFFILIATE receiving all new training material, all updates, all online orientation and any personal developer support if required.

Payment for the AFFILIATE license is in the form of the full fee, or a single up-front fee and monthly licence.

This depends on the nature of your company and can be discussed with us.

SETA/QCTO accreditation costs are not covered in anyway by INTRA.

Applicants may make representation to our finance department should they require a payment plan.

INTRA require payment in the form of EFT or cash, but not credit cards or cheque.

Due to the fact that all our material is delivered in a digital format, the money back guarantee is limited to 3 days from time of delivery. An administration fee of 25% will be charged.

As our training packs and materials differ, the prices can be obtained in a written quotation on request. Alternatively, you can click on the download link in the email sent to you.


Once the AFFILIATE has completed the recommended YouTube orientation and customization of the training material, they are at liberty to commence training.

Yes. All AFFILIATE Licensees in good standing receive an annual license which is valid for one year from date of issue.

The ideal situation is that AFFILIATE Licensees study all the relevant orientation YouTube videos before customising and presenting the training.

INTRA provide support in the form of online orientation, updates to the training material and personal contact with the developers, if required.

INTRA issues an invoice, welcomes the applicant and delivers the training material to the new AFFILIATE.

One of our team will discuss your visions and plans with you via Skype, WhatsApp call or Zoom.

Our finance department usually takes no more than 48 hours before notifying the AFFILIATE.

Your application will only be considered if accompanied by your personal CV, a copy of your identity document or passport and CIPC registration document.

Submit your enquiry on our website. You will receive a response email with links to the application form. Download, complete and email it back to us.

One of our team will connect with you via Skype, WhatsApp call or Zoom. You will find our contact details on the website.

How To Start A Health And Safety Training Business

The monthly AFFILIATE licence fee covers all new training material as well as any legal updates or modifications. Individual training material users pay a nominal update fee.

The Occupational Health and Safety Act and Regulations lists supervisors, employees, health and safety representatives and first aiders amongst those who require health and safety training. You can also train members of the public in “life-skills” courses, using this training material.

This depends on whether you want to run a training establishment with training rooms or present training on client’s premises. Either way basic presentation material, equipment and practical training aids will be required.

There are various places in the Occupational Health and Safety Act and Regulations that stipulate that legal compliance training must take place, Section 8 being the most prominent.

The licensee agreement does not grant or restrict AFFILIATE Licensees to any given geographical or physical areas. AFFILIATE Licensees are free to operate wherever they find business.

Yes. All entrepreneurs require a clear vision they want their business to take in the form of a short 2 to 3 year business plan.

Business owners need to spend at least 50% of their time generating new business and supporting their existing clients and not solely focus on training and administration.

Yes. All business owners require ongoing personal development in the area of sales and marketing.

Sales and marketing activities and initiatives are critical and must be applied on an ongoing basis for a business to succeed.

Considering that health and safety is a legal requirement and that all employees need to be trained, an AFFILIATE who is an effective marketer should be able to generate a substantial turnover.

There are 3 basic elements which are required. The first being a subject matter generalist, the second a capable communicator and the third being an entrepreneurial marketer.

Those wishing to expand their existing businesses may offer health and safety training to their clients.

Yes. Our copyright agreement allows you to use the training material for commercial and retail purposes.

We strongly advise you to register a company as it provides certain legal protections and tax benefits.

Yes, you are advised to register an independent company and operate as an AFFILIATE under licence from INTRA.

Orientation & Support

INTRA will provide limited assistance and guidance in the field of sales and marketing on request.

While this is not our primary focus, AFFILIATE Licensees are welcome to ask questions regarding the registration of their company, access to accountants and tax specialists, website and social media experts, ETDP training providers, etc. We frequently make recommendations regarding books to read, YouTube videos to watch, and websites to subscribe to.

INTRA are constantly developing webinar-based modules which are uploaded to YouTube for the use by AFFILIATE Licensees.

INTRA provides online orientation and live support Via Skype, WhatsApp, or Zoom if required.

Product Delivery

Yes. You are strongly encouraged to open DropboxSkype and Zoom accounts.

The customizable training material has been developed in Microsoft Word for Windows, PowerPoint, Adobe pdf and various image formats.

The training material will be delivered via Dropbox or WeTransfer on receipt of Proof Of Payment.

Products & Services INTRA Offers

The OHS Act says employers must “inform, Instruct and train”. This is an excellent way of informing employees. We publish books for distribution to those who often miss the formal training sessions.

The PLUS Pack is the ideal in-house training system for employers such as corporates, government, universities and multi-national companies.

The AFFILIATE license is somewhat like a franchise where you run your own training business using our training material. This is ideal for in-house trainers or training service providers.

Yes you may. For some this is an affordable way to build up to becoming an INTRA AFFILIATE Licensee.

Yes. This is one of our primary objectives. If legislation or methodology changes, we adapt the material accordingly.

More than half our select training materials have been aligned. We have a dedicated unit standard alignment specialist who will assist if necessary.

There is a comprehensive facilitator guide and PowerPoint visuals. The learner receives a learner guide and material. Additional course material such as an adaptable “Certificate of Compliance” template is included.

They range from half-day to 3 day short-courses; however AFFILIATE Licensees are at liberty to adapt their own courses by modifying the course content to suit their client’s employee development programme.

Registration & Accreditation of Trainers

SAQA recognises certain non- credit bearing, non-unit standard aligned courses as “short courses”.

SAQA and the NQF Act have made provision for the allocation of credits to learners who attend a unit standard aligned course. These courses are significantly longer, more costly and administratively onerous. The SAQA website will explain more.

The OHS Act and Regulations stipulate that certain training must take place. These are regarded as legal-compliance courses. Examples include supervisor, health and safety rep, first aid, working at heights and working with hazardous chemical substances.

Approval is granted to the training provider by the Department of Employment and Labour, while accreditation is granted by Saiosh or SETA/QCTO.

Words used to describe the status of a training provider include registration, approval, accreditation and certification. These are covered in one or more of our YouTube videos.

It is important to note that there are only a few instances where accreditation is required. Other than certain first aid, working at heights and operator training, training providers may present health and safety training without accreditation or approval.

The law requires that employers train their employees, but does not require special registration or approval for those who do general health and safety training.

Skills Needed To Become An AFFILIATE

Ideally, yes. INTRA have developed YouTube videos to orientate AFFILIATE Licensees and training material users in the most efficient way to customize and present the training.

Each organization has a unique “risk-profile”, which once professionally identified, must be embedded into their culture, policies, procedures, contracts and training.

The Occupational Health and Safety Act and other regulations require that employers identify the dangers, hazards and risks in the workplace and train their employees in the “risk-specific” precautionary measures to be taken. Our training material is provided in a customizable format. We have a YouTube video on this topic.

INTRA provide comprehensive facilitator guides, which when followed closely will assist both the novice and experienced trainer in the effective running of these training courses. The quality of the training would be enhanced significantly by the trainer’s knowledge and experience in these topics.

The terms to describe the differences are vague, however the title facilitator Is used extensively by SAQA and SETA/QCTO.

SAQA and the NQF Act do not require facilitators to be registered, but do require the registration of assessors and moderators.

No you don’t. The Occupational Health and Safety Act only requires that a first aid instructor be formally trained. Employers and business owners may run the own training without this qualification.

The AFFILIATE User Agreement

An outright purchase of the training material is possible. On full payment, ownership transfers to the user.

The AFFILIATE agreement is applicable for a 60-month period.

INTRA guarantees that our material is plagarisation free and to the best of our ability, relevant to the Occupational Health and Safety Act and Regulations.

Organisations with multiple divisions or regions require more than one “site licence”.

The INTRA trainer’s kits are under lease to the AFFILIATE for 60 months, where after the Licensee support agreement can be renewed, or ownership transferred to the AFFILIATE.

No. The name of INTRA is for the exclusive use of INTRA-SAFE (Pty) Limited, however AFFILIATE Licensees in good standing, have access to the INTRA branding described in the AFFILIATE Licensee agreement.

Due to the protection and tax benefits of operating a registered company, we recommend that you run your training in the name of an independent wholly owned company.