Health and Safety Supervisory Management Skills

SUPERTRAC Health & Safety Supervisory Management Skills Training Material


Present legal-compliance, non-credit bearing training with our customisable ‘Health and Safety Supervisory Management Skills Training Material’.

With your order, you receive:

  • Facilitator Guides
  • Facilitator PowerPoints
  • Learner Guides
  • “Certificate of Attendance” template, etc.

Course Content

  • Characteristics of a Supervisor Exercise
  • Characteristics of a Supervisor Action Plan
  • What is a Supervisor?
  • Basic Duties of a Supervisor
  • The Supervisor’s Responsibilities
  • Skills Required to Supervise Thinking and Technical Skills
  • Skills Required to Supervise Interpersonal Skills
  • Skills Required to Supervise Maximising Performance/Behaviour
  • Identify Supervisory Abilities – Exercise
  • Identify Supervisory Abilities – Checklist
  • Thinking and Technical Skills
  • Interpersonal [Employees] Skills
  • Maximising Performance/Behaviour
  • Purpose of Health & Safety Management
  • Elements of Business
  • Scope of Losses
  • Costs of Incidents
  • Definition of an Incident
  • Their Effects
  • Domino Sequence
  • Causes of Incidents
  • ABC of Health and Safety
    The 88% Effort Rule
  • Intro to the Occupational Health & Safety Act
  • Structure of the Act
  • Regulations
  • Standards
  • Health & Safety Management System
  • Organisational Structure
  • Our Organisational Structure
  • Legal Duties of Supervisors
  • Assignment of Supervisors
  • Health & Safety Representatives
  • Membership of the Committee
  • Duties of the Health & Safety Committee
  • Frequency of Committee Meetings
  • Health & Safety Committee Minutes
  • Documents and Records
  • Action In The Event of:
  • Action In The Event of:
  • Not Disturbing the Scene
  • Rights of the Employee
  • Duties of the Employee
  • Intro to the Labour Relations Act
  • Health & Safety Policy
  • Our Organisation’s Rules and Procedures
  • Job Descriptions
  • Scope of Authority
  • Work Permits
  • Trade Unions and Worker Involvement
  • Different Leadership Styles
  • The Autocratic Supervisor
  • How Autocrats Usually Behave
  • Identify an Autocratic Role Model Exercise
  • The Democratic Supervisor
  • Identify a Democratic Role Model Exercise
  • The Pseudo Democratic Supervisor
  • How Pseudo Democrats Behave
  • Identify a Pseudo Democratic Role Model
  • The Hands-Off [Free Reign] Supervisor
  • Identify the Learner’s Style
  • The Qualities of a Good Leader
  • What is Project Planning?
  • Benefits of Project Planning
  • Project Planning Exercise
  • Project Planning Processes – Employee Involvement
  • How Far Ahead to Plan?
  • Planning Time Frames
  • Barriers to Project Planning – Exercise
  • Reasons for Resistance to New Plans
  • Overcoming Resistance
  • What is Job Analysis?
  • Objective of Job Analysis
  • Elements of Job Analysis
  • When should a Job Analysis be done?
  • Benefits of Job Analysis
  • Factors to look for when conducting Job Analysis
  • Methods of Job Analysis
  • Examples of Jobs needing Analysis
  • Fact Finding not Fault Finding
  • Conducting a Job Analysis Preparation
  • Job Analysis Worksheet
  • Conducting a Job Analysis During
  • Conducting a Job Analysis– After
  • Possible Solutions and Recommendations
  • Conduct a Job Analysis Exercise
  • Job Analysis Worksheet Findings
  • Job Analysis – Worksheet
  • Purpose of Organising
  • The Process of Organising
  • Checklist for Organizing the Work
  • How Communication Takes Place
  • Who are you Communicating with?
  • Barriers to Communication Exercise
  • Benefits of Good Interpersonal Communication Skills
  • Reasons for Communication Break Down
  • Ways to Develop Good Interpersonal Communication Skills Exercise
  • Safety Briefings & Tool-Box Talks
  • Tool-Box Talks Topics
  • Problem Solving and Decision Making – Exercise
  • Intro to Problem Solving and Decision Making
  • Types of Workplace Problems
  • Classifying Health & Safety Risks or Problems
  • Prioritizing the Risk or Problem
  • Identify Health & Safety Risks or Problems Exercise
  • Challenges of Problem Solving and Decision Making
  • Ways to Approach Problem Solving
  • A.I.D.S. Method to Defining the Problem Analyse
  • A.I.D.S. Method to Defining the Problem Investigate
  • A.I.D.S. Method to Defining the Problem Decide
  • A.I.D.S. Method to Defining the Problem Solve
  • The A.I.D.S. Method Exercise
  • Problem Solving and Decision Making – Conclusion
  • Intro to Supervisory Control
  • Other ways of Maintaining Control
  • Excessive Control
  • Identifying Poor Performance
  • Discussing a Performance Problem
  • Rectifying a Performance Problem Action Plan
  • What is Delegation?
  • Objectives of Delegation
  • Benefits of Delegating the Supervisor
  • Benefits of Delegating The Employee
  • Benefits of Delegating The Task
  • Considerations when Delegating
  • Responsibility, Authority, Accountability
  • The Need for Delegation Exercise
  • Supervisor Difficulties when Delegating
  • The Process of Delegation – Developing Employees
  • Coaching Your Employees
  • The Team
  • Role of the Supervisor in Developing Teams
  • Maintaining the Team
  • Motivational Factors Exercise
  • You the Motivator
  • Motivational Activities


Step 1 – Prepare

Customise to address your unique “Risk-Profile”. Add logo, SWPs, SDS, policies, procedures, photos, etc.

Step 2 – Print

Print unlimited quantity of Learner material. [All material to always reflect the publisher’s © copyright].

Step 3 – Present

Follow icon driven instructions. Experienced trainers can present the training with nominal preparation.

Key Benefits

  • Material suited to OHS Act & Regs requirements
  • Guaranteed plagiarisation-free content
  • Association with a recognized brand
  • Co-branding and use of INTRA Logo, trademarks
  • Cut course development time, effort, and cost
  • Dedicated and substantive research
  • Digital delivery of material
  • NQF Unit standard Alignment of certain Materials
  • Participation in webinars & online support
  • Right to customize the material to include your identity,
  • Photos, procedures, etc.
  • Right to modify material to suit the “Risk-Profile”
  • Right to reproduce unlimited Learner Workbooks

Unique Features

  • Reproduction Rights – You receive the material in a Word for Windows and PowerPoint format allowing legitimate unlimited reproduction of certain material(*) for profit or not if all such documents reflect the publisher’s copyright.
  • Capacity to Customise – Based on your risk profile, you have access to the author’s material, enabling modification and adaptation to suit your specific risk-based needs.
  • Ready to Run – All the material to present the programme/s is supplied in a comprehensive format, allowing immediate use. This material can also be included in other internal courses such as technical, supervisory, management, quality, and technical training.

Who is This Training Material Suitable For?

All employees, contractors and sub-contractors covered by the Occupational Health & Safety Act.

Which Industries is This Training Material Suitable For?

Commerce, Industry, Education, Hospitality, Government, Agriculture, etc.

The training material is generic by nature and is ideal for most organizations.

You add the specifics.


The training material will be delivered to you in its entirety via Google Drive once payment has been received.


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