Founded by Ken Annandale and Penny Jones, INTRA are a FP&M SETA Accredited Health and Safety training provider. We are dedicated to equipping AFFILIATE Trainers with Saiosh CPD Accredited legal compliance and/or SAQA Unit Standard Aligned training material, in order for them to present high quality, risk-specific, legal-compliance, credit or non-credit bearing  Health & Safety training.

With over 25 years experience in health and safety, more than 70 AFFILIATES and 500 satisfied training material users, our solutions apply to a wide spectrum of clients including universities, corporate, government, construction, manufacturing, retail and independent training providers.

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The Occupational Health & Safety Act (85 of 93) requires that Employers provide their employees with risk-based “Information, Instruction, Training and Supervision”.
INTRA are an FP&M SETA Accredited training provider that:
1. Equips and supports AFFILIATE training businesses or departments.
2. Develops, sources and supplies legal-compliance training material.
Organises SETA Accreditation [two stages].
4. Coordinates ETDP SETA Facilitator, Assessor & Moderator training.

INTRA Training Material - Customiseable

Trainers receive, may adapt and present risk-based mandatory training such as Legal Compliance,  Occupational Health, Safety, Hygiene, Health & Safety Management Techniques, Fire Prevention, etc., and issue ‘Certificates of Attendance’. SETA Accredited training providers may issue ‘Certificates of Competency’ for First Aid and Fall Protection.

Training Material - Exclusive to Affiliates

AFFILIATES are required to produce ‘Accreditation Ready’ SAQA Unit Standard Aligned training material when applying for SETA Accreditation. INTRA acquired the distribution rights to these NQF credit-bearing courses and supply them for exclusive use by our AFFILIATES, as part of their application, on recommendation of our SETA Accreditation  Specialist.

STAGE 1 AccrediPac - Exclusive to Affiliates

To assist AFFILIATE Training Providers obtain SETA accreditation, we co-developed the comprehensive, user-driven STAGE 1 AccrediPac.
It comprises of Orientation Videos, Essential Research, Critical Checklists, QMS, Examples and Templates. The AccrediPac details the required Accounting Documents, Company Structure, Directors & Staff, Principles, Policies, Procedures & Ethos, Branding & Marketing, Training & Administration in preparation for STAGE 2 engagement with our independent SETA Accreditation Specialist.

STAGE 2 SETA Accreditation Application

Through the services of our outsourced Accreditation Specialist, and by using the AccrediPac, you actively participate in the process. Accreditation and or DEL Approval is required by employers who wish to claim Skill Levy Rebates and upskill their staff. NOTE: Other than First Aid, Lifting Machines, Fall Protection and Commercial Diver training, it is NOT a legal requirement for Training Providers to be SETA Accredited or DEL Approved, however it is highly recommended.

AFFILIATE Orientation & Support

AFFILIATES are encouraged to participate in our Trainer Orientation, via regular Webinars, YouTube recordings or the Bi-Annual 2-day public ‘Train the Training Provider’, in Cape Town, Durban & Johannesburg [Post-Lockdown]This Saiosh CPD Accredited, non- NQF credit-bearing programme unpacks the AFFILIATE License, rights and responsibilities and covers a wide range of topics including Marketing and Customer Care.

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