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Discover how INTRA™ can help you become an Occupational Health & Safety trainer.

INTRA™ is an FP&M SETA Accredited training provider and Saiosh Corporate member.

Become a SETA Accredited OHS Training Provider

The Occupational Health & Safety Act No 85 of 93 requires that Employers provide risk-based “Information, Instruction, Training and Supervision”. INTRA™ are a FP&M SETA Accredited Training Provider that:

  1. Equips and supports trainers as they setup their training business or department.
  2. Assists with basic Online Marketing Presence setup.
  3. Develops, sources and supplies SAQA Unit Standard Aligned or  legal-compliance training material to Training Providers.
  4. Organises SETA Accreditation/Extension of Scope.
  5. Coordinates Accredited blended ETDP SETA Facilitator, Assessor and Moderator learning.

Not an OHS Provider?

Watch the "How to do your own OHS Training?" Video

The Opportunity

Becoming an INTRA™ AFFILIATE Licensee can be a commercially viable activity. AFFILIATES should have a fundamental grasp of Occupational Health and Safety and understanding of business sales, marketing. Training skills are considered essential. INTRA™ are eager to engage ethical, self-motivated individuals who are willing to agree to and abide by the terms of the AFFILIATE User License Agreement.

INTRA™ Affiliate License Options

Ideal for Accredited Training Providers or those not requiring SETA Accreditation + Affiliate orientation and support. Complete with a range of SAQA Unit Standard Aligned / Legal Compliance training material.
BASIC License + AccrediPac + ETDP Facilitator, Assessor or Moderator training + SETA Accreditation or Extension of Scope. Perfect for training providers needing accreditation.

Multi-site license includes PRIME Licence + the © Copyright to reproduce unlimited number of the Facilitator, Assessor, Moderator and Learner training material for in-house use anywhere on the African Continent. Plus an exclusive 1 day Zoom “Train the Training Provider” programme for an unlimited number for your training team.
CORPORATE License fee is determined by number of branches and employees to be trained.

Exclusive AFFILIATE Handbook/Guide
Training Material – INTRA™ Legal compliance credit-and non-credit bearing
as per Annexure “D” Part 01 [for functional use]
Training Material – INTRA™ Additional NQF credit-bearing
as per Annexure “D” Part 02 [for use when applying for accreditation]
Right to co-branding and use of INTRA™ logo.
Right to modify material with your images, content, logo, “look & feel”
Right to reproduce unlimited Learner Material for training purposes
Right to reproduce Facilitator material without permissionxx
e’Learning LMS user-pay plan. [Non-credit-bearing training]
Training Material development and updates [as and when]
Book” The One Minute Safety Manager”100105
Book” OHS Awareness Booklets”1005010
PHASE 1 – Establishment of an Online Presence. Professional Marketing Assessment. Audit and creation of a Social Media online presence including Facebook, Google, HubSpot, LinkedIn, etc. Service by Media Graduate Specialist [Approx. 5 hours].On Request
PHASE 2 – Augmented Online Marketing presence via Website redesign, Automation, Integration, Optimization, etc. Can include creative branding, visual messaging, logos, fonts, images, etc. [Approx. 20 hours]On RequestOn RequestOn Request

Customiseable Training Material

Unit Standard Aligned 
119567 Perform Basic Life Support First Aid
120362 Working at Heights Monitor, Report, and Recommend
123259 Convey Dangerous Goods by Road
12484 Perform Basic Firefighting
229998 Working at Height – Perform Fall Arrest Techniques 
242668 OHS Act Management Responsibilities 
244287 Conduct Baseline HIRA Risk Assessment.
244073 Receive, handle and store hazardous chemicals
252250 Apply Firefighting Techniques 
259602 Control Measures for Noise in A Workplace

259610 Basic Understanding of COIDA Claims
259617 Conduct Investigation into Safety, Health Incidents
259622 Describe Functions of Workplace H&S Representative.
259639 Basic Health and Safety Principles in The Workplace
To be Unit Standard Aligned if required
00000 Construction Regulations 2014
00000 COVID-19 Prevention, Protection & Preparedness
00000 Demonstrate Knowledge and Application of Ergonomics
00000 Introduction to Electrical Safety
00000 Supervisory Management Responsibilities
More Aligned training material available to PRIME Licensees

Credit or Non-Credit Bearing?

AFFILIATES receive NQF Credit or Non-Credit-bearing training material to meet employee or client needs. This material selectively includes Facilitator Guides and PowerPoints, Learner, Assessor and Moderator Guides, POE, Skills Matrixes, Summative and Formative Assessments, “Certificate of Attendance/Competency” template, Course administrative material, etc., via digital delivery. * © This material may not be resold.

Funding your INTRA™ License

Has the lack of finance hindered the growth of your health & safety training business?
Small businesses need funding, internally or externally. Becoming an INTRA™ Affiliate, obtaining SETA Accreditation and possibly an Extension of Scope is no different. 
To solve this quandary, INTRA™ have an association with LulaLend that could unleash your potential. 
Check with us to see if you qualify for securing transparent funding for your INTRA™ Affiliate license.

Secure Funding For Your Business

You may qualify if you:
★ Have been in business for more than one year.
★ Have an annual revenue of more than R500,000.
★ Do business in South Africa.
You aren’t alone. MSHEQSA, an INTRA Affiliate licensee is a satisfied LulaLend client. 
See what they have to say: Watch the MSHEQSA story
This may be YOUR solution to unlocking YOUR vision.

Credit or Non-Credit Bearing?

AFFILIATES receive NQF Credit or Non-Credit-bearing training material to meet employee or client needs. This material selectively includes Facilitator Guides and PowerPoints, Learner, Assessor and Moderator Guides, POE, Skills Matrixes, Summative and Formative Assessments, “Certificate of Attendance/Competency” template, Course administrative material, etc., via digital delivery. * © This material may not be resold.

SETA Accreditation & DEL Approval


Through the services of our outsourced Accreditation Specialist, INTRA™ oversees the elaborate process of Application and Accreditation of AFFILIATES where required.
We strongly urge AFFILIATES to obtain SETA Accreditation and or DEL Approval in order to provide the services of upskilling employees through NQF credit-bearing training. In addition, this is required for employers who wish to claim Skill Levy Rebates.

It is NOT a legal requirement for training providers to be SETA Accredited or DEL Approved, other than for GSR First Aid, Lifting Machines, Fall Protection, Ergonomics Risk Assessors & Commercial Diver training. You are entitled to present legal-compliance training.

Investment & Monthly License Fee

AccrediPac - Stage 1

Available exclusively to INTRA™ AFFILIATES applying for SETA Accreditation

Available 13 SAQA Unit Standard Aligned Training Material ex ADAT | Pre-SETA Site Visit Documentation | Required Documentation | Forms | Templates | Policies |  Procedures | QMS [Quality Management System] | Proof of registration of Company, Assessor, Moderator qualification., etc. NOTE: Requirements differ from SETA to SETA.

B-BEE Scorecard

The B-BBEE Act No 53 of 2003 provides for non-mandatory, non-credit-bearing sectoral training to qualify for B-BBEE Points as a skills-development contribution. Certain training qualifies.

Your Own Business

Licensees run their own wholly owned businesses. All related expenses are tax deductible.

After the initial dialogue, those accepted as INTRA™ Affiliate Licensees will be invited to meet online for training and orientation.

End User License Agreement

On submission and acceptance of this application, the “End User License Agreement between INTRA-SAFE (Pty) Ltd and your Juristic or Natural Person will be forwarded for perusal and signature.

Step-1: Prepare

Customise to address your “Risk-Profile” with logo, SWPs, policies, procedures, photos, etc., rehearse.

Step-2: Print

Print unlimited quantity of Learner material. [All material to always reflect the publisher’s © copyright].

Step-3: Present

Follow icon driven instructions. Practised Trainers can present the Training with nominal preparation.

Affiliate Orientation / Training

Attendance of online INTRA™ Licensee Orientation: “User Orientation” is available for all AFFILIATES who wish to participate.
Non-attendance does not preclude the right of experienced trainers from presenting the material without attending the orientation. AFFILIATES are encouraged take ownership of and customise the contents to meet the learner Risk Profile.

Ongoing Licensee Benefits

  • Relevant Facilitator training material
  • New and updated training materials 
  • Association with a recognized brand
  • Elimination of course development costs
  • Participation in webinars & online support
  • Right to customize material to suit “Risk Profile”
  • Right to reproduce unlimited Learner Workbooks
  • Right to customize the material
  • Unrestricted South African territories
  • Upon payment of all the fees, the right to use the training materials transfers to the Licensee.
  • Delivery of via Google Drive
Train The Trainer Event

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