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Who is permitted to provide GSR 3 First Aid training?
The Chief Inspector has given notice that “First Aid level 1, 2, 3 training conducted by First Aid training organisations approved by the Chief Inspector has ceased to exist as from 1 April 2021”. In future training must be “In accordance with a valid accreditation document issued by the Quality Assurance Body that has been delegated the quality assurance responsibilities for First Aid Unit Standards by the Quality Councils for Trades and Occupations [QCTO]. Ref: Government Gazette 44663 Notice R328 dated for June 2021


What’s the process to get SETA Accreditation & DEL Approval?

PHASE 1 – Complete all the Accredi-Pac documents:
This comprehensive pack includes the vital SETA required documents which YOU complete:● Accountants Documents ● Application Forms ● Articles ● BB-EEE Certificate ● Business Plan ● Certificate Samples ● Checklists ● Company Registration ● Cover & Index ● COVID-19 Risk Adjustment Policy ● Data Storage ● DEL Application ● Directors CV ● Diagrams ● Email Signature Examples ● Financial Statement ● Flow Diagram ● Guides ● Index ● Leaflets ● Letter of Intent ● Letterhead ● Logo ● Marketing Material ● Mission Statement ●  Organogram ● Orientation ● Photos ● Premises ● Prospectus ● QMS ● Qualifications ● Registration Forms ● Research ● Short Bios ● Tax Clearance ● Templates ● Instructional Videos ● Vision Statement ● Website, etc. …

 PHASE 2 – Our Accreditation Specialist manages your application
Working closely with you, your SETA Application will be submitted together with the comprehensive SETA Accreditation ready courseware which includes:● Facilitator ● Assessor ● Moderator ● Learner Guides ● POE ● Workbooks. ● Supported by extensive Facilitator Visuals and course documentation to FP&M or HWSETA on your behalf [other SETA’s on specific request] ● 

Unpack all the SAQA First Aid Unit Standard Aligned Material
● 119567 Basic First Aid ● 120496 Primary First Aid ● 376480 Advanced First Aid ● 8494 HIV AIDS 

Unpack all the additional SAQA Unit Standard Aligned Material
Additional NQF credits required by SETAs for Accreditation Purposes
● 252250 Fire Fighting Techniques ● 12484 Firefighting ● 244073 Hazardous Chemicals Safely ● 116235 Overhead Crane ● 244365 Forklift ● 116455 Apply Machine Safety ● 13223 Environmental Protection ● 242668 Know the OHSA ● 9964 Apply Health & Safety.

STAGE 3 Apply for DEL Approval
Submissions after accreditation is not included at this stage, but can be arranged.

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Become an Accredited OHS Training Provider

Become an Accredited OHS Training Provider

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