Qualified Health And Safety Officer – But Still Unemployed?

It is often said “knowledge is power”. Nelson Mandela wisely said: “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

But knowledge or education that is not applied, is powerless, frustrating and even destructive.

The expectation that our socio-economic environment is responsible for creating opportunities may have been true for the past, but today, it is clearly up to the individual to create their own opportunities.

While highly admired, OHS training and education alone, is apparently no longer the solution for many.

One merely needs to look around to see thousands of hopeful, under employed or even unemployed, qualified and graduate occupational health and safety jobseekers, desperately trying to find a way to feed themselves and their families.

Holders of the desirable SAMTRAC, SHEMTRAC, COMSOC, NEBOSH, SHEQTRAC, HASMAN and Unit Standard Aligned, credit-bearing SETA / QCTO accredited courses, soon discover these are still not their “golden ticket” to the workplace.

So, the solution must surely be “education PLUS innovation!”

I urge them to consider moving from UN-EMPLOYED to SELF-EMPLOYED

Consider the multitude of self-employment options in the world of Occupational Health and Safety:

  • App Designer
  • Audiometrist
  • Auditor
  • Author
  • Conference Speaker
  • Consultant
  • Courseware Developer
  • Ergonomist
  • ETDP Assessor
  • ETDP Facilitator
  • ETDP Moderator
  • Event Manager
  • Product Manufacturer
  • Prosecutor
  • Publisher
  • Sales Agent
  • Sales Representative
  • Seminar Organizer
  • Team Builder
  • Trainer
  • Video Producer
  • Web Developer
  • Writer

The world of OHS offers an arena of opportunities for those with initiative.

As an example, INTRA operate as developers of legal-compliance or Unit Standard Aligned and online publishers of OHS training material.

Our mission is to equip those who wish to provide health and safety legal-compliance or Unit Standard Aligned training to their client or learners.

Finally, may I suggested you join www.saiosh.co.za, as a source of additional guidance.

I trust that gives you something to think about and find meaning to the world of health and safety.

Kind regards



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