HIRA: The Importance Of Doing Hazard Identification And Risk Assessments

HIRA or Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment is a critical part of an on-going SHE management programme. Whatever the nature of your industry, organisational activities or occupational hazards, the basic methods of identifying hazards and assessing the risks remains the same. Did you know you can do your own training with the INTRA customiseable HIRA Trainer’s Pack ? HIRA is used as:

Management Tool

★ A management process, tool or technique to detect and assess hazards found in or emanating from the workplace. ★ Meaningful SHE management direction and guidance. ★ An early warning system that can predict future incidents, accidents and events. ★ A risk rating / profiling tool to determine which risk alerts must be brought to the attention of employers, employees, residents and community. ★ Known hazards can be managed by reasonable mitigating and monitoring.

Fundamentals of HIRA

The principles pertaining to conducting a Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment [HIRA], are universal. Details may however differ according to legislation, organisational policy, standards and systems.
In South Africa we have two pieces of legislation we need to consider. They are ★ Occupational Health and Safety Act, 1993 [No. 85 of 1993] and ★ Mine Health and Safety Act, 1996 [Act No. 29 of 1996].The HIRA course will focus on the Occupational Health & Safety Act [OH&SA], however it is really easy to modify to include your legislation.

International Standards or Systems

Many organisations have voluntarily adopted additional international standards or systems such as:

★ ISO 9001 [Quality] – standards and guidelines for the establishment or improvement of a Quality Management System [QMS]. ★ ISO 14001 [Environmental] – standards and guidelines for the establishment or improvement of an Environmental Management System [EMS]. ★ ISO 45001 [Health & Safety] are guidelines for the establishment or improvement of an Occupational Health and Safety Management System. ★ SANS [South African Bureau of Standards].

The OH&S Act says employees must be trained

Informing, instructing and training managers, supervisors and Health and Safety committee members in HIRA skills is much easier than before. By presenting your own customised, risk specific training and re-training, using our HIRA Trainer’s Pack, you will dramatically raise awareness, skills level and buy-in from all involved. Check out our HIRA Trainer’s Pack, our INTRA Health and Safety Affiliate Licensee Trainer program, Affiliate Licensee YouTube video and get a no-obligation quotation to do your own OHS training.

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