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Discover how INTRA can help you become an Occupational Health & Safety trainer.

INTRA is an FP&M SETA Accredited training provider and Saiosh Corporate member.

Fast-track your OHS Training

The Occupational Health & Safety Act No 85 of 93 requires that Employers provide risk-based “Information, Instruction, Training and Supervision” to their employees. We:

1. License AFFILIATE Training Providers  Equip, Orientate & Support 
2. Provide legal-compliance training material – Develop, Source, Supply and Update 
3. Provide the Accredi-Pac and coordinate SETA Accreditation
4. Arrange ETDP Facilitator, Assessor & Moderator training

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The Opportunity

Becoming an AFFILIATE Licensee can be a commercially viable activity. AFFILIATES should have a fundamental grasp of Occupational Health and Safety and understanding of business sales, marketing. Training skills are considered essential. INTRA are eager to engage ethical, self-motivated individuals who are willing to agree to and abide by the terms of the AFFILIATE User License Agreement.

Affiliate License Options

AFFILIATE BASIC – Legal Compliance Training Provider + 17 customiseable OHS courses + 13 additional Unit Standard Aligned training courses + AccrediPac
AFFILIATE PRIME – Includes Basic + SETA Accreditation

AFFILIATE CORPORATE – Multi-site licence includes:
SETA Accreditation [FP&M or HWSETA]
Copyright to reproduce training material for in-house use
In-house 2-day “Train the Training Provider” course

Legal Compliance

Section 8 (2) (e) of the Occupational Health and Safety Act No 85 of 1993 requires that employers “provide [1] information, [2] instructions, [3] training and [4] supervision. This includes:

  • Supervisors need to be trained to manage Health and Safety
  • Management to understand their roles and responsibilities
  • Managers and committee members to be skilled in HIRA
  • Investigators to be versed in incident investigation
  • Information, instruction & training in dangers, hazards & risks
  • SHE Rep to be trained to perform their functions
  • First Aiders to possess a “Certificate of Competency”
  • Fire Teams to be trained in prevention, protection and reaction

Credit or Non-Credit Bearing?

AFFILIATES receive NQF Credit or Non-Credit-bearing training material to meet employee or client needs. This material selectively includes Facilitator Guides and PowerPoints, Learner, Assessor and Moderator Guides, POE, Skills Matrixes, Summative and Formative Assessments, “Certificate of Attendance/Competency” template, Course administrative material, etc., via digital delivery. * © This material may not be resold.

SETA Accreditation & DEL Approval


Through the services of our outsourced Accreditation Specialist, INTRA coordinates the elaborate process of Application and Accreditation of AFFILIATES where required.
We strongly urge AFFILIATES to obtain SETA Accreditation and or DEL Approval in order to provide the services of upskilling employees through NQF credit-bearing training. In addition, this is required for employers who wish to claim Skill Levy Rebates.

It must be noted that it is NOT a legal requirement for training providers to be SETA Accredited or DEL Approved, [other than GSR First Aid, Lifting Machines, Fall Protection and Commercial Diver training].

Investment & Monthly License Fee

AccrediPac - Stage 1

Available exclusively to AFFILIATES applying for SETA Accreditation

Available 13 SAQA Unit Standard Aligned Training Material ex ADAT | Pre-SETA Site Visit Documentation | Required Documentation | Forms | Templates | Policies |  Procedures | QMS [Quality Management System] | Proof of registration of Company, Assessor, Moderator qualification., etc. NOTE: Requirements differ from SETA to SETA.

B-BEE Scorecard

The B-BBEE Act No 53 of 2003 provides for non-mandatory, non-credit-bearing sectoral training to qualify for B-BBEE Points as a skills-development contribution. Certain training material qualifies.

Your Own Business

Licensees run their own wholly owned businesses. All related expenses are tax deductible.

After the initial dialogue, those accepted as INTRA Affiliate Licensees will be invited to meet online, or in *Johannesburg or *Cape Town, South Africa, for training and orientation.

(*Costs for INTRA Affiliate Licensee’s own account)

End User License Agreement

On submission and acceptance of this application, the “End User License Agreement between INTRA-SAFE (Pty) Ltd and your Juristic or Natural Person will be forwarded for perusal and signature.

Step-1: Prepare

Customise to address your “Risk-Profile” with logo, SWPs, policies, procedures, photos, etc., rehearse.

Step-2: Print

Print unlimited quantity of Learner material. [All material to always reflect the publisher’s © copyright].

Step-3: Present

Follow icon driven instructions. Practised Trainers can present the Training with nominal preparation.

Affiliate Orientation / Training

Attendance of online INTRA Licensee Orientation: “User Orientation” is available for all AFFILIATES who wish to participate.
Non-attendance does not preclude the right of experienced trainers from presenting the material without attending the orientation. AFFILIATES are encouraged take ownership of and customise the contents to meet the learner Risk Profile.

Ongoing Licensee Benefits

  • All available Instructor’s training materials
  • All new kits created during the agreement period
  • All updates to Instructor’s training materials
  • Association with a recognized brand
  • Elimination of course development costs
  • Participation in webinars & online support
  • Right to customize material to suit “Risk Profile”
  • Right to reproduce unlimited Learner Workbooks
  • Right to customize the material to include your identity, photos, procedures, etc.
  • Unrestricted South African territories and markets
  • Upon and payment of all the fees, the right to use the Instructor’s training materials transfers to the Licensee.
  • Delivery of via Dropbox or WeTransfer

The Next Step - Join The Team

Train The Trainer Event

Submit your request and we will email the INTRA Affiliate Licensee Application / Agreement to you.
Review the opportunity with your advisors and return the ZERO obligation application form for evaluation by our management team.
We look forward to being part of your future successes.

Ken Annandale & Penny Jones