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Wed 8th December @ 6pm

The INTRA™ “Coffee Club” was formed to discuss issues such as who and how First Aid training must be delivered in future, the impact of SETA Accreditation on legal compliance short courses, comments on the proposed OHS Amendment Bill 2020 and other matters  you need to be aware of.
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About  INTRA™
INTRA™ is FP&M SETA Accredited and offers 3 Health & Safety training provider licensing options that include BASIC, PRIME and CORPORATE Licenses. The PRIME License includes the SETA Accreditation option.

With Dr Brett Solomon

of the Kinetic Leadership Institute will  address creating a Resilient Safety Culture. Improving one’s Health & Safety performance has become a burning issue for many organisations. In spite of the significant investment in time and money, many leaders admit they have reached a plateau. The strategies employed simply haven’t delivered the results they were hoping for. There is a call for a new strategy to Health & Safety leadership.

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