e’Learning HAZ-CHEM Intro to Hazardous Chemical Substances

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The INTRA e-Learning training was created specifically for South African employers and employees.

COVID-19 work-from-home protocols established e’Learning as a permanent feature in the education landscape.

This course content can be accessed, consumed and shared at a time and place that best suits the learner.

Course Content

  • The Right to Know
  • Abbreviations
  • Their Physical Appearance
  • Route of Intake – Entry into The Body
  • Types of Natural Chemicals
  • Types of Synthetic Chemicals
  • Chemicals in our daily lives
  • Solid Chemicals
  • Liquid Chemicals
  • Gaseous Chemicals
  • Incompatible Chemicals
  • Hazards Presented by Chemicals
  • Hazard Classes
  • Hazards to Health
  • Hazards to Safety
  • What Jobs Have Obvious HCS Hazards
  • Legal Framework
  • Hazardous Chemical Substances Regulations
  • Employer’s Responsibility
  • Employer to conduct the HIRA
  • Employer to conduct Occupational Hygiene Assessments
  • Employee’s Responsibility
  • Proof of Compliance – Documents and Records
  • Archives Records and Registers
  • Biological Monitoring and Medicals by Qualified Practitioners
  • Refusing Biological Monitoring and Medical Surveillance
  • HCS Lifecycle – Management System
  • MSDS – Material Safety Data Sheets
  • Permit to Work [PTW]
  • Hierarchy of Control
  • Purpose designed buildings and structures
  • Purpose Designed Containers, Cabinets, Cages and Enclosures
  • Gas Cylinders
  • Incompatibles Substances
  • Use the Correct Container
  • Correct disposal and recycling of HCS containers
  • Manufacturer’s Labels
  • SANS Signs and Symbols
  • GHS Signs and Symbols
  • Re-labelling
  • Color Coding Pipes and Containers
  • General Handling Practices
  • Process Safety Management [PSM]
  • Transferring / Refueling
  • Decanting
  • Handling and Filling Cylinders
  • Transportation of HCS
  • Disposal of Hazardous Waste
  • HCS Information and Training
  • Issue, Use and Maintenance
  • PPE Storage Facilities
  • Contaminated PPE and PPC
  • Respiratory Zones
  • Nature and Types
  • Prepare for a disaster
  • Activating the Plan
  • Spill Kit
  • Chemicals in the Eyes
  • Chemical Burns
  • Eye-Wash Fountain and Fast-Reacting Deluge-Shower
  • Inhalation of HCS


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