The One Minute SAFETY Manager


Use AFFILIATE REF CODE # 001, when completing your order.


Use AFFILIATE REF CODE # 001, when completing your order.

“The One Minute SAFETY Manager” follows the traumatic, real-life journey from incident to ICU, investigation, Labour Department Inquiry and finally the indictment.
It touches on the trauma, psychological and physiological effects, disruption, and personal and corporate loss.

Occupational Health and Safety diseases, incidents and injuries plague micro and macro-economies. The devastating effects on people and productivity seem to have no end. This resource rapidly provides insight into establishing and managing an Occupational Health and Safety Management System, regardless of the reader’s legislative requirements.

While prevention seems to be the obvious solution, questionable attitudes, improper behaviour and lack of top-of-mind awareness and commitment are almost always present when identifying the causes of an incident.

Rather than writing yet another boring Occupational Health and Safety textbook, this story is based on real-life incidents, and follows the experiences of an inexperienced manager and one of his team when she is involved in a disabling accident that results in the potential loss of four fingers on her predominant hand.

This easy-to-read story was written to create awareness and encourage innovative participation in your organization’s drive to eliminate all workplace injuries and diseases.

The goal of the book is to share the critical principles of Health and Safety management, resulting in demonstrable commitment and care by the CEO, Managers, and Supervisors in a personally relatable manner. The characters are every-day people, just like those at your and my workplace.


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