"Train the INTRA Health and Safety Trainer" Programme

Recent Participants' Comments

Opened my eyes to my personal areas of growth with regards professional communication. I’m glad I agreed to part of this personal growth. Very knowledgeable especially regarding technical support.
Alben Togoe – HR Talent Manager Aurum Institute
I appreciate the opportunity to experience your knowledge. The material is well presented and detailed. Knowledge of subject matter is excellent.
André Kruger - MD Bitline SA
Excellent knowledge preparation and communication. Well prepared and knowledgeable. Excellent and capturing.
Boyd Grobbelaar - Performance Coordinator EBS Eduardo Training Academy
We have a big way to go. Presented a lot of knowledge to us to use. Shows he knows what he’s talking about. Very good.
Cobus Opperman - HSE Manager Tanknology
Training is good! Thanks Ken.
Colin Wentink - Registered Safety Professional SACPCMP
Well done! I identified the specified need to start and develop our training strategy.
Dr Herman Kasselman - HR Executive Aurum Institute
Enjoyed the interaction. Handouts very good. Enjoyed the presenter. Well prepared.
Eric Botha MD Core Pro Consultants
All fell into place. Timing was good. Excellent. 5 stars!
Eric Van der Westhuizen - Food Safety Manager Significant Site Services
Gosh everything! Never too old to learn. Open my world to health and safety. My background is based on generic boring things. Loved it all. Brilliant.
Grethe Lötter - Technologist Tanknology
Great learning experience and highly motivational. High quality. Well skilled. Very knowledgeable! Very, very good. Would love to have the opportunity to spend more time with Ken.
JP X Matthee - HSE Field Specialist Consultant Bitline SA
Changed my outlook of training going from old school to new world thinking. Excellent keeps up with the training world trends and new technology excellent.
Kyle Thompson – Training Coordinator EBS Training Academy
Loved the motivation and interaction. Very good!
Letitia Botha - Director Core Pro Consultants
Excellent, Excellent, Excellent!
Lindiwe Tshabalala - HSE HOD Maxion Wheels
Glad to have attended. Opened many ideas in my mind. Well done! Well-rehearsed. Very knowledgeable.
Mike Perry – MDAfrican Reptiles and Venom
Please do this again. One is never too old to learn. Very interactive. Very knowledgeable. very powerful.
Sanele Langa – Director R&S Contracting
The program is very informative. In my opinion I think it would be great to do it on a continual basis. Extremely experienced. Ken is super talented, dedicated and passionate. Brilliant. Good job.
Xolani Buthelezi – MD Sonolia Health & Safety
Everyone needs to do this course. Well done. Excellent.
Zenobia Van Vuuren - PA to MD African Reptiles and Venom
The presenter’s subject matter and knowledge is excellent and as always, very professional!
Wow excellent! Thank you for keeping me updated and informed. You really know what you’re talking about
The course was very educational, especially regarding the SETA accreditation of training providers. The presenter is very professional, lively and knows what he’s talking about
This is a program anyone can use to start a training business. That is the reason why I signed up. You can’t fault the presenter. Excellent!
Ken’s knowledge is stunning! His communication style is well controlled well informed. Well done. I learned so much and I’m looking forward to our journey going forward
The presenter’s delivery was awesome. The course was brilliant and helpful to get an expert’s view
The presenter is larger than life and the course was value for money and very informative
Ken is absolutely brilliant! I would like to attend more of these programs if possible
Ken is highly professional. His valuable information to business environments and communities is his way of giving back
The presenter has a very unique style. I really enjoyed this program. It is all new to me and I have learned a lot. It opened my mind with new ideas and where I would like to be
Great to network as always, Ken is a great role model for presenters. I love the diversity, interaction and sharing
A big thank you appreciate it very much. His trainers’ techniques were spot on and very professional. Very much an expert. This program has made me passionate about health and safety training
Great value for money. The presenter’s delivery was superb.
Learned the importance of promoting health and safety and public speaking. The presenter is passionate, experienced and a subject specialist with a great sense of humor. Highly recommended and empowering.
I learned about marketing, SETA accreditation and will definitely recommend the course and the AFFILIATION. Wonderful, inspiring, fun.
Learned a great deal about SETA registration. Brilliant speaker, well-presented and designed.
The course increased my marketing ideas and gave me knowledge on SETA and accreditation. I think this should be done by all our staff.
New ideas on the legal requirement for promoting health and safety. Very interesting course. Content value for your money. Excellent presenter.
Learned to be bold honest and always think outside the box. Ken is amazing. Learned a lot from him. He’s the type of person that I would like to build myself to be one day; presenting in front of people. A real self-improvement lesson that I’ve learned in just 2 days. Thank you Ken.
I learned how to apply for SETA accreditation. The venue was nice, and the food was excellent. Always very professional and enjoyable. Excellent presentation skills.
Learnt how to become a vibrant facilitator and got a lot of information on SETA accreditation. Extremely good. Very knowledgeable.