Fall Arrest Working at Heights Training Material

FALL ARREST Training Material


Present legal-compliance, credit bearing training with our customisable ‘Working at Heights Training Material’.

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Unit Std: 229998: “Perform fall arrest techniques when Working at Heights”
Credits: 2
NQF Level: 1

Course Content

  • Occupational Health and Safety Act
  • General Duties of Employers to their Employees
  • Proof of Certain Facts
  • Construction Regulations 2014
  • Working @ Height Introduction
  • Fall Protection System Elements
  • Fall Prevention, Protection & Arrest
  • Institute for Working @ Height
  • Definitions and Terminology
  • Judgment Personal & Management
  • Consequences of Non-Compliance
    Workplaces Examples
    Access and Egress to a Working @ Height Work Area
  • Competent Person
  • Planner
  • Fall Protection Planner – Activities
  • Supervisor Rope Access
  • Legal Requirement Appointments
  • Legal Requirements Rope Access Work
  • Duties of a “Fall Protection System” Supervisors
  • Operator / W@H Worker
  • Duties of Employees at Work
  • Duty not to interfere with, damage or misuse things
  • The W@H Worker Medical Certificate
  • The W@H Worker
  • Fall Protection Training
  • Introduction
  • Risk Assessment – Legal Requirement
  • Hazard Identification
  • Risk Assessments Control Measures
  • Hierarchy of Control Mitigating Hazards
  • Fall Protection Plan Introduction
  • Definitions
  • Work Positioning System Alternatively Fall Protection System
  • Fall Protection System Introduction
  • Physical Protection / Safeguards
  • Physical Protection Measures
  • Edge Protection
  • Safeguarding Openings Covers / Barricades
  • Definition of Machinery
  • Access Mechanisms, Structures and Equipment
  • Ladders and Stepladders – Categories
  •  Legal Requirements
  • Ladders and Stepladders – Introduction
  • Components
  • Safe Use
  • Tools and Material
  • Limitations
  • Inspections
  • Scaffolding
  • Written Appointments
  • Design
  • Erection, Use and Dismantling
  • Inspection and Supervision
  • Framework
  • Scaffold Platforms
  • Trestle scaffolds
  • Suspended Platforms
  • Definitions
  • Written Appointments
  • Appointment Supervisor
  • Certificate of System Design
  • Operational Compliance Plan
  • Certificate of System Design
  • Suspended Scaffolds – Legal Requirements
  • Outriggers
  • Lifting or Lowering
  • Erection
  • Signage
  • Inspection and Tests
  • Appointment Inspector
  • Daily Inspections
  • Records
  • Training
  • Moving
  • Securing
  • Single-Point Adjustable
  • Two-Point or Swing Stage
  • Boatswain’s Chair (Bosun’s)
  • Temporary Work Platforms (TWPs) Introduction
  • Caution
  • Features
  • Safety Nets Fall Containment System
  • Mobile Scaffolds
  • Mechanical Access Equipment Introduction
  • MEWPs Types
  • MEWPs Use
  • MEWPs – Safety Considerations
  • Forklift Work Platforms – Man-Cage or Work Platform
  • Crane Lift Platforms
  • Unit Standard: “Explain & perform fall arrest techniques when Working @ Height”Unit Standard No: 229998 Credits: 2 NQF Level: 1
  • A B C D E of Fall Arrest
  • Fall Arrest Clearance / Free fall Distance
  • Fall Time Before a falling Worker Hits the Lower Level
  • Calculating the Free Fall Distance
  • The Pendulum Effect
  • System Considerations
  • Anchorage Point – Fall Protection
  • Anchorage Point – Fall Protection
  • Temporary Anchor
  • Mobile Dead Weight Anchor
  • Horizontal Lifelines – Introduction
  • Vertical Lifeline
  • Rope Grabs
  • Retractable Lifelines / Block
  • Fall Arrest Equipment
  • Single Leg Lanyards – Introduction
  • Dual Leg Lanyard Tie-Off – Introduction
  • Deceleration Devices Energy / Shock Absorbers
  • Centre of Gravity
  • Full Body Harness – Introduction
  • Fitting a Full-Body Harness
  • Work Positioning Belts
  • PPE & PPC [Personal Protective]
  • Rescue Plan Legal Requirements
  • Suspension Trauma
  • Suspension Trauma Rescue
  • Rescue Emergency Plan
  • Rescue Rapid Response
  • Report to Inspector Regarding Incidents at Work


Step 1 – Prepare

Customise to address your unique “Risk-Profile”. Add logo, SWPs, SDS, policies, procedures, photos, etc.

Step 2 – Print

Print unlimited quantity of Learner material. [All material to always reflect the publisher’s © copyright].

Step 3 – Present

Follow icon driven instructions. Experienced trainers can present the training with nominal preparation.

Key Benefits

  • Material suited to OHS Act & Regs requirements
  • Guaranteed plagiarisation-free content
  • Association with a recognized brand
  • Co-branding and use of INTRA Logo, trademarks
  • Cut course development time, effort, and cost
  • Dedicated and substantive research
  • Digital delivery of material
  • NQF Unit standard Alignment of certain Materials
  • Participation in webinars & online support
  • Right to customize the material to include your identity,
  • Photos, procedures, etc.
  • Right to modify material to suit the “Risk-Profile”
  • Right to reproduce unlimited Learner Workbooks

Unique Features

  • Reproduction Rights – You receive the material in a Word for Windows and PowerPoint format allowing legitimate unlimited reproduction of certain material(*) for profit or not if all such documents reflect the publisher’s copyright.
  • Capacity to Customise – Based on your risk profile, you have access to the author’s material, enabling modification and adaptation to suit your specific risk-based needs.
  • Ready to Run – All the material to present the programme/s is supplied in a comprehensive format, allowing immediate use. This material can also be included in other internal courses such as technical, supervisory, management, quality, and technical training.

Who is This Training Material Suitable For?

All employees, contractors and sub-contractors covered by the Occupational Health & Safety Act.

Which Industries is This Training Material Suitable For?

Commerce, Industry, Education, Hospitality, Government, Agriculture, etc.

The training material is generic by nature and is ideal for most organizations.

You add the specifics.


The training material will be delivered to you in its entirety via Google Drive once payment has been received.


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